Well, Hello!

I’m John VonMutius, designer and videographer.

I approach design like I approach a puzzle. I collect the pieces, sort them out, then assemble them into something greater than the individual parts.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, I worked for years as print designer. That quickly turned into web design and animation, thanks in part to my unquenchable curiosity. I soon discovered my true passion in video, the perfect marriage of careful planning, visual design, and personal interaction. Since 2009, I have been operating cameras, setting up lighting, directing, editing, and creating motion graphics packages, while still designing the occasional logo or brochure.

When I’m not working, I love to build physical things, mostly out of wood, because of the unique challenges that manual labor provides. I like riding my bicycle, which is equipped with no fewer than four lights, a speedometer and a detachable basket. I read a lot of books (sci-fi, self-help, biography — just give me a good story!), and I stubbornly refuse to upgrade to a smartphone. My wife and I oversee an urban menagerie of three cats and five chickens while we tend our massive backyard garden.

More than anything, I want to solve your video and design problems. So get in touch, and let me know what’s going on. Maybe I can help.